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Dr. Michael John Hawes has more than 30 years experience caring for patients with oculoplastic, facial, and cosmetic concerns, and will address your particular needs in privacy and comfort. Whatever your concern, he has likely dealt with it previously.

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Dr. Hawes’ office staff and operating room staff have been carefully selected to assist you courteously and efficiently in every aspect of your office visit, treatment, and follow-up care. You can have confidence in our skill and dedication to the highest standard of care. We want to please you!



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Dr. Hawes is now part of the team at Fante Eye and Face Center. Learn more about the team at http://drfante.com/.

As a board certified ophthalmologist who has devoted his entire career to oculofacial surgery, Dr. Hawes can expertly perform cosmetic improvements and reconstructive procedures to repair or correct problems associated with disease, injury, or birth.

Dr. Hawes has extensive experience in the most effective treatments for facial rejuvenation for men and women:

Cosmetic Procedures

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